• The boarding cattery is situated in a quiet peaceful location within the grounds of our home, therefore the premises are occupied at all times and unauthorized entry is forbidden. 
  • Our chalets are purpose built to the highest standards, heated and insulated following the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s (used to be Feline Advisory Bureau) guidelines.   
  • The larger than standard chalets are spacious enough to accommodate 3 cats from the same household.  Each chalet is set up with a spacious covered exercise area and a cozy, sleeping area heated by slim-line pet-safe radiator panels.  
  • We provide all the basics your cat needs for a comfortable stay, from a choice of beds, to scratch post, toys, etc. However, we encourage you to bring anything you'd like from home so that your cat has something familiar around them, as this can help calm them and settle into a new environment. 
  • Secure and fully protected from the weather exercise areas have full length shelves for your cat to bask in the sun and take in our beautiful surroundings.

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  • Running around the exterior of each unit is a secure corridor leading to the cattery kitchen.
  • Our chalets are easily adabtable to cater for the older guests and for those who have climbing or jumping disadvantages. 
  • We have a strict cleaning regime throughout the cattery to minimize any risk of cross infection and to provide your cat with clean, comfortable and secure accommodation. We use a Defra approved, cat friendly disinfectant to clean all the pens and equipment. Each chalet has its own poop- scoop, dust pan and litter tray which is cleaned separately to avoid cross-contamination. 
  • Separate purpose-built kitchen for preparing and storing large variety of wet and dry food (with the exception of prescribed veterinary food), equipped with fridge, a microwave, dish washer and washing machine for the cats bedding.